Glaskopf Grey Joanna


March 21 2003. Bred by Dr. Sabine Bachmann, Glashutten, Germany. She has been with us since 26:e Augusti 2011.



Roslagens Pony Society 2005: 9-8-8-8-8 = 41 p. Reserv best breed. Swedish Connemara Pony Society Show 2005: 9-9-8-8-8 = 42 p. Youngstock Champion. Reserv Best in Show. Summer Inspection 2006: 9-7-8-8-8 = 40 p. Breeding Diploma. Swedish Connemara Pony Society Show 2007: 9-9-7-8-8 = 41 p Quality Inspection 2008: Showjumping 8-8. Gaints 6-8-7. Exterior: 41 p. Final points: Allround 8,11. Swedish Connemara Pony Society Show 2011: 9-8-8-8-8 = 41 p


2006  Erinmore Golden Marble RC 110, e. Öxenholm Marble J:r RC 61. 2012  Zander´s Positano, e. Bunowen Paddy RC-FRA 60025024.


Joni is a very soft, nice and sensitive individual. She is accommodating and easy to handle. An energetic and driven pony. Responsive and cooperative. Handled and ridden with ease of small soft helps. A real personality! She characterizes her offsprings with her wonderful humble ways of being. After winning her trust, you have a great friend for the rest of your life. A real diamond !